Sharing & Supporting Others

Quinn Akira Takei, Holistic Health Coach, Doctor of Oriental Medicine(nm), Licensed Acupuncturist, & Chinese Herbalist


Your experiences can change another person's life.  

Please share what you know with others and support them in becoming happier and healthier.

Every day I come in contact with at least one person who desperately needs support in their health care.  So many people are so sick.  So many are suffering and living for years, even decades with discomfort and even debilitating ailments.  In most cases, it simply doesn't have to be this way.  I fully expect my clients to heal and in most cases, I expect changes very quickly.  Often, the way I practice and employ comprehensive holistic medicine, finally provides solutions to recovering, healing, and getting back a quality life. 

Today (no joke!) I received this email for someone who had experienced significant discomfort for years;

Dr. Takei,

I wanted to let you know that I'm feeling so much better. 

It is truly amazing the difference in just 3 days! 

Thank you for your good care.


If you are a past client, I invite you think back on our time together and how you may have been helped or changed as a result.

I also invite you to share this with others.  So many people are suffering and simply don't have to be.  There are solutions to help them feel better and become healthier.  They simply don't have to live with a decreased quality of life.  Some aren't ready to be different.  They are aren't ready to heal.  You probably know people like that in your world right now.  But there are others that may be ready and simply have no idea that there are other options out there.  Many have no understanding of natural and holistic medicine.  Many don't know alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs or surgery even exist.  Please share your story with these people.  Share the stories you have heard. Introduce them to ideas and concepts they may be waiting to learn about.  Please share what you know so they too can improve the quality of their lives.

It is said you can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink.  That is true, but a thirst horse is way more likely to quench their thirst if they know where to find the water.  So many simply don't.  Until now.

Thank you for helping them.